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Later, Switches!

MX Cherry Reds our out!

When I originally sourced the switches, I was going for Cherry MX Browns. I've heard that they are the closest to my old IBM PC XT keyboard. But at the last second, I decided to get adventurous and try something that's a little more quiet and doesn't have the the "bump" when pressed. I had also heard that the MX Reds were the closest you can get to the light feel of the MacBookPro keyboards. So I went for it.

After a good 4 months, it just didn't feel right. Way too mushy when pressed. And I've come to realize that I missed the "bump" when the key was pressed. So, I decided to switch out my Cherry MX Reds for Cherry MX Browns and ohhhhhh. It feels wonderful. Nice "bump." Great clack sound that does remind me of my old IBM PC XT Keyboard.

It was an experiment that has run its' course. Later, Switches! The Browns are IN!!!!

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