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RxSwift & RxCocoa

For work, I have had the opportunity to learn a little bit of the React Framework using RxSwift and RxCocoa. It was a "mind-bending" experience since the flow of a react application is so different. You still have the standard things like buttons, views, and controllers, but now all that is shoved through an asynchronous sift stretches you previous perceptions of what an iOS app should look like. It makes heavy use of code-as data that are called at different points during execution. It is THAT adjustment that takes some getting used to. If you've ever done a lot of multi-threading code, you should be fine. Just make sure to put that hat on when you start!

So, here is my first take of what an http request looks like in RxSwift. I will continue to refine it as I learn and grow. See my github repo for details.

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